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Promotions on Facebook: the right way to make them


We've all seen these promotions on Facebook asking various requirements to participate. In this article we tell you the correct way to do them. Always appear when we most need them: day friend, Christmas, any country date and up to the women's day. Promotions on Facebook are a tool which, undoubtedly, attract everyone's attention. In many cases, they help companies pages to add a good amount of followers. But… Did you know that most people fail to meet Facebook conditions?
Yes, those terms of use that we all accept without reading. They are not difficult to understand, but sometimes it seems that they are not taken into account. Imagine that you hire any service, such as a credit card. Surely you would like to know what are the rules and procedures that you must respect because, otherwise, you would see you on a problem with the Bank that issued it. With Facebook even though, clearly, as not joins us an economic consideration when creating the account, we do not give importance is no different. The truth is that the breach of these conditions leads to consequences as the blocking of the profile and to the Elimination of the page in which it failed to comply with standard. You may not know anyone who could have happened, but in SPLAT we found customers who have gone through this situation more than once. The solution? Do things well from the beginning. Don't worry, we'll tell you how you can do it. First, here are some things that we can't.

Things you should not do promotions on Facebook

You can't:

  • Link to Facebook with your promotion.
  • Use the personal profiles to spread the promotion.
  • Ask your followers to share a publication to participate.
  • Ask to share the publication in the biography of a friend.
  • Apply that to participate, they tagged one or more friends in a pub.
  • Ask your followers to change their homepage or profile picture to participate.
  • Post the winners name on Facebook.

Did you know all this? You've put to think that nearly all the promotions on Facebook are poorly made? However, not all are bad news. Now is what you can do:

How to do promotions on Facebook

  • It invites users to register for a newsletter.
  • Encourage your followers to enter your web site and sign up using a form to participate.
  • It includes the promotion rules clearly and invites users to read them before participating.
  • Include the rules of the contest or sweepstakes, with limits of dates and reporting when the draw will be held or when the promotion ends.
  • Make in clear conditions and requirements for the award (for example, if there are any restrictions of age or geographic location).
  • To present the formal participation mechanisms, as complete a form on your web site.
  • You can also use any application or software to carry out a draw.
  • Remember that you must communicate via private to publicize the winner, for example, by e-mail or phone.
  • You must exonerate Facebook of any responsibility by each contestant.
  • You should clarify that the promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, or associated in any way with Facebook.

Now yes!

Now you have the information necessary to carry out any promotion on Facebook. Take advantage of the tools offered by this platform and use them safely and responsibly. You don't want to spoil everything you have built with your brand. If you still don't know how to organize your online strategy, request a free interview with us.


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