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You can now read our Instant articles on Facebook


Did you know that they are the Instant Articles for Facebook? Instant articles are a new technology that allows, those who generate content, offer articles online for fast charging. This technology is available for the Facebook app, so it only works on mobile devices. Instant articles

What is instant articles for you?

When you want to see content from web sites in the Facebook app, you must click on a link and that takes normally up to 8 seconds of load in a normal browser. What we do with instant articles is to use the same technology that uses Facebook to quickly upload photos and videos in your app. This multiplies the speed up to 10 times as a traditional link. In addition, allows us to offer you better content, and with a simple and easy-to-understand design. From now on, you can read our blog from the Facebook app, but much faster than before. Also we can make it for your site, simply ask us how.


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