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How to use statistics in your Online strategy


One of the advantages of having a website is to know precisely the behavior of the users. We will show you some things about statistics. The quick and inexpensive way that exists to monitor interactions on your website is Google Analytics. If you’re doing advertising on social networks, it is the best way to understand how good your online marketing efforts are working. To measure the success of your advertising campaign, you can use some of the following indicators:

  • Cost per thousand impressions: If you’re looking for your brand name to become known, you could calculate what is the cost for your ad when is exposed on 1,000 screens.
  • Cost per interaction: when it comes to measuring the engagement, you can calculate the cost per single interaction of users with your posts.
  • Cost per sale: you can calculate the cost of a sale generated through an advertisement.
  • Return of investment (ROI): determine what percentage of the advertising investment translates into sales on your website or in your store.

Other important sources of statistics

There are other tools that may help you better understand the behavior of users. The statistics of your Facebook page could help to better understand the performance of your brand in the social network. With, shortened URLs could measure the percentage of clicks that receive your links, as well as improving the way long links look. On Twitter, Twitter Analytics statistics can help you determine the tweets with better performance of each month, and use that information to develop a better strategy for content. There are many tools that could help you understand the way that users act since they know your brand until they end up being customers. It is important that you define specific goals, you can measure and determine your success. This will also help you determine which social strategy is working better and how you find customers. Knowing this information will indicate what path to follow, so you can enhance your marketing effort. Don’t think you’re going to get extraordinary results with your first experiences on social networks. This is a long road, but knowing what works and what not, will help you to find your strategy. Let’s be patient! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And if it happens, you can always change the strategy and try what that best works for your company.

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